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"I wasn't a wizard but was born with eyes that can see magic.
One of the reasons why the Empire sent me to the Duchy of Gringdil.

Every wizard of the countries trembled with surprise and fear back then. Oh why, unimaginable size of magic appeared above the Gringdil Castle!
They made all the rumors and guesses. Gringdil gathered and trained hundreds of wizard to build army... Gringdil is inventing a new arcane weapon for mass destruction.... You should know that wizards are quite chattering folks.
Of course, I was the one to make an answer for them.

Mass destruction weapon? Army of sorcerers? Oh no. I found much more worse inside the castle.

There was only one wizard in Gringdil.

That is why I've become a deserter.
Thousands of army won't be enough to stand against that."